Grand Jury and the Ombudsman

Threats to the life of an Ombudsman will be avoided if the country has a Jury System!

The tit for tat between Vice President Binay and Ombudsman Morales is one such case.  The Grand Jury examines, reviews and then decides the existence of probable cause.  If it exists, then the GRAND JURY has the power to indict.

VP Binay and his cohorts cannot threaten his “bosses”, the 23 Grand Jurors who are unknown to him. Section 62 of the National Jury Law proposed and written by Atty. Marlowe Camello, states that, “The grand jury shall have the power to indict for obstruction of justice any person or public official who shall disobey a subpoena, subpoena duces tecum, or summons issued by the Ombudsman, Commission on Audit, Commission on Elections, Civil Service Commission, Commission on Human Rights, through their deputies, in matters within their respective jurisdictions to investigate upon complaint by any of such entities.” 


WPJI calls on GMA, the Binays and Senators_ Enrile, Estrada and Revilla to endorse and sponsor the implementation of the JURY SYSTEM for Filipinos AND LET THE PEOPLE BE THE JUDGE! 

If they, our honourable leaders are truly innocent of the accusations levelled on them by the Aquino administration, then instead of being investigated by the Senate and tried by publicity, then let juries of ordinary Filipinos judge them fairly, justly and swiftly. 

They will individually be secretly investigated for probable cause by a GRAND JURY of 23 ordinary, highly educated, Filipinos.  Then if a probable cause exists, then they will be tried by a TRIAL JURY of 12 ordinary Filipinos for guilt or innocence.

GMA, who has languished on hospital arrest for years and soon to be transferred on house arrest would not spend more years in limbo if only she would dare work on the implementation of the Jury System advocated by WORLDWIDE PHILIPPINE JURY INITIATIVE.  She could spend many more years on shameful, degrading house arrest compared to a few months or a year maybe two with complete freedom if she is not a flight risk, to defend herself and face her accusers.

The Senators accused of plundering, who luckily have not languished in hot, smelly jails, will face a Grand Jury and Trial Jury in just a few months before the forthcoming elections or a few months after the election, IF WPJI, is lucky enough to get funding for its 7M signature gathering and wins the ensuing REFERENDUM, unopposedThe question is_ will they take the challenge of funding our signature campaign? 

To Vice President Binay, whose popularity is quickly fading, instead of being tried by publicity, endorse and support our campaign for the implementation of a NATIONAL JURY LAW and be investigated and tried by jury of your equals.  Are you ready to face the music? 

To President Benigno Aquino III, the implementation of the National Jury Law, through your support and endorsement will be your legacy.  LET THE PEOPLE WHO ARE YOUR BOSSES HAVE TRUE DEMOCRACY!  Empower them before you step down as the first president of the country who kept his promise to rid the government of corruption.


YES to Jury System for Filipinos

JURY SYSTEM is a judicial process where a group of ordinary people are called by law to decide serious legal case brought to court for investigation and trial.

Ito ay isang pamamaran upang ang ordinaryong Pilipino ay maaring ihabla ang sinuman, mayaman man o mahirap na gumawa ng seryosong krimen sa kapwa o sa madla.

Ano ang Kagandahan of the Jury System?

1.       Ito ay nagbibigay kapangyarihan sa ating mga Pilipino na patakbuhin ang ating  gobyerno sa sa pamamagitan ng pantay-pantay na paghatol sa mga nagkakasala.

2.       Sapagkat sila ang humahatol, ang bayarán (bribery) o pananakot (coercion) ay hindi na papayagang mangyari.

3.       Ang mga seryosong civil o criminal na kaso ay mabilis na nadidisisyonan. Ang mga kaso ay maaaring tumagal mula sa tatlong araw hangang dalawang taon lamang.  Maaari lamang ikulong ang isang akusado kung ito ay napatunayang may sala.

4.       Ang panloloko, pandaraya at pandarambong ng mga tauhan ng gobyerno ay mahihinto dahil sa ang sinumang mahuli at mapatunayang nagkasala ay maaring makulong o ma-fine or both.

5.       Ang mga kasong “Land grabbing” ay mabilis na maiimbestigahan at madidisisyonan.

6.       Ang mga biktima ng krimen ay ikokompensate ng tama at sapat.

7.       It will unite the Christians, Muslims and Ethnic groups who will sit together as the jurors.

8.       The Filipino people’s character will change from corrupt to fair and just. They will be proud to be called Pilipinos na may lahing Maharlika.